Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to support the University by ensuring timely access to accurate information, assisting with interpretation and analysis, and documenting and reporting on institutional achievements.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment will:

  • Collaborate with academic departments in processes to support, document, and improve student learning.
  • Promote best practices in assessment at the institutional, program, and course level.
  • Deliver and analyze data for institutional decision making regarding success measures, strategic planning achievements, and other institutional goals.
  • Ensure compliance with reporting requirements to federal and state agencies, accreditation organizations, and other surveys as requested.
  • Coordinate, along with the Data Governance Team, the effective stewardship of data to ensure data integrity and reporting accuracy.
  • Support the institution in regional and program-specific accreditation efforts.
  • Support the division of Academic Affairs in projects and initiatives as requested.


For more information on reports, contact

Please submit data requests to The system is monitored by staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Financial Aid, and Information Technology Services to ensure the tickets can be managed and addressed by the correct office.

The federal standard IPEDS retention rate is the “percentage of first-time bachelors (or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduates from the previous fall who are again enrolled in the current fall.”

Park’s published retention rates are as follows:

  • Fall 2018 cohort: 66%
  • Fall 2019 cohort: 63%
  • Fall 2020 cohort: 57%
  • Fall 2021 cohort: 59%
  • Fall 2022 cohort: 57%

The federal standard IPEDS retention rate is “calculated as the total number of completers within 150% of normal time divided by the revised adjusted cohort.”

Park’s published graduation rates are as follows:

Fall 2012 cohort

  • Overall: 33%
  • Bachelor’s: 31%

Fall 2013 cohort

  • Overall: 62%
  • Bachelor’s: 34%

Fall 2014 cohort

  • Overall: 28%
  • Bachelor’s: 27%

Fall 2015 cohort

  • Overall: 24%
  • Bachelor’s: 25%

Fall 2016 cohort

  • Overall: 23%
  • Bachelor’s: 20%

For more information on assessment, contact

Park employees can access additional reports on the My Park site.

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Park University

Jennifer Heller, Ph.D.
(816) 584-6755

Megan Holder
Associate Director, Assessment Services
(816) 584-6776

Wendi Frohna
Associate Director, Reporting and Compliance
(816) 584-2111

Projwal Pathak
Senior Institutional Research Analyst
(816) 584-7402

Sherzod Ibragimov
Senior Enrollment Analyst
(816) 584-6733


Park University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Park University is a private, non-profit, institution of higher learning since 1875.

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